difference between money management and risk management

hi there ! before you read this article you need to share it on social meida like facebook whatsapp twitter isnatgram linkedin reddit digg stumble open meidum and google plus. so today harmonic pattern indicator is the best indicator and here why people not win the traders in these indicator because of money management and risk management so let’s learn it.

These terms are somewhat subjective, but …

Money management is a term commonly used in the business community. It’s a matter of deciding how important it is to make a commercial entry, go to or leave a position, and so on. We must also set aside enough capital to make more than a few mistakes and still not exploit. Sometimes it means averaging when the price goes against you (very dangerous), other times it means taking profits in one position and keeping the rest of the position if you have a “broker”. Well done, money management can increase the value of input / output signals.

Risk management is no longer an institutional term. It includes statistical models for measures such as Value at Risk (VaR), Value Condition at Risk (CVaR) and many others. Risk managers in banks, hedge funds, intermediaries, etc. They value the risk of the portfolio among the managers, through instruments, etc. Compliance with financial regulations and reduction of risks of major losses in the event of a major disaster. In the market, you also analyze subjective aspects such as counterparty risk, technical risk, risk of model specification, etc. In this sense, risk management aims to address all the major risks of a company. It’s easier said than done!

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